Quentin Mathé

Freelance iOS and Mac developer

I started creating Cocoa apps when the first Mac OS X beta was released, quite a long time ago! I recently built Placeboard, featured by Apple in the Best New apps and on websites such as The Next Web, Life Hacker, Mac Stories and Wired Italy. Ten years ago, I cofounded the Étoilé project to explore how to bring how our interaction with computers closer to our mental model and since then I have been involved in various open source projects. In the past, I also worked as a graphic designer on web or print projects. I'm available to work on any iPhone, iPad or Mac projects.

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Developed, published and marketed an iPhone app to organize, remember and share places, gathering many positive reviews on websites such as The Next Web, Life Hacker, AppAdvice, Mac Stories and Wired Italy. Featured among the Best New Apps on the App Store.


Created an Object-Oriented Database based on Distributed Version Control, that supports powerful undo, branching, semantic merging and real-time collaborative editing. Think of it as a mix between a NoSQL Database, File System, Git and Google Docs.


Founded an open source desktop environment, built with innovation in mind. The goal was to create a better development platform and a user environment designed from the ground up around the things people do with computers: create, collaborate, and learn.


Implemented or improved many AppKit classes based on Apple's documentation. GNUstep is an open source implementation of Cocoa available on Linux, Windows and other systems.